Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Payless is the New Manolos

I absolutely love to buy shoes, because a) I don't have to take anyting off to try them on, and b) I still wear the same size that I did when I was 15. For all you shoe lovers out there, I highly suggest you take a quick trip down to Payless and check out their fabulous selection of super cute shoes. PAYLESS...who knew?!I purchased this pair this past weekend for $19. They are navy blue with little pink dots and actually very very comfy.
These little black patent peep-toed slingbacks were also a steel at $19. Super cute for summer all the way into the fall.

And these were my favorite finds of all. I have been looking for a cute pair of bone colored shoes to wear with my greens and blues, and haven't been able to find a pair that didn't look OLD. My luck changed this weekend at Payless (my new favorite store). I couldn't find a good pic online which probably means they are on their way out, but these little beauties were only $17...and they're Dexters. Remember Dexters? Remember Gap Khaki shorts and Dexters? Remember how expensive they were and how you could only get them at Dillards. Crazy how times change.

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Kathryn said...

I LOVE Payless shoes. I have several pair that I always get compliments on... Sometimes I admit they're from Payless, and sometimes I just pretend I can't remember. :) Depends on who's asking...