Friday, June 12, 2009

Show Us Your Bathroom!

Today at Kelly's Korner we are showing off our bathrooms. We have two bathrooms in our cozy home. This pic is of our master bath. As you can see, I need to change a light bulb.

I love our master bath so much because it has a tub and a separate shower. I love having a huge bathtub!

Here is another shot of the tub. The walls were already painted this dark taupe color, so we stuck with the theme, adding only a few chocolate brown accents, and super white and fluffy towels. It is very neutral, but we love it.

I love to monogram, so when I found these towels with an "F" for Fenton, I had to have them.

Now on to the guest bathroom, which is pretty tiny, so kind of hard to get a good shot. We used the same chocolate and bright white theme, only added cool blue walls to give a little something extra.

Here is the guest room shot using the same towel formation as in the master.

This is the best shot I could get of my favorite bathroom item...the guest room shower curtain. I ordered this from Ballard when we lived in D.C. after seeing my friend Julia's. It has been washed several times and still looks new.

Here is a pic of the cute soap dish my mom found at one of her stores. If you look closely, you can see a bar of soap with an "F" on it. it!

For all you Kappa Kappa Gammas out there, this is one of two Fleur-de-lis in my house. I promised my husband I wouldn't flood our decor with remembrances of my college days, but I have to have a few shout outs to my sorority sisters. Go KKG!

And because every good bathroom has a good toilet.

Hope you enjoyed the tour. I promise to update more often and will eventually get all pics of the house on here.


Rebecca said...

I <3 the monograms too, especially the soap! Soo cute! Thanks for sharing.

pumpkinpatches said...

I love your monogramed towels! I might have to order a shower curtain too, it would go with my monogramed stuff as well. Thank you for sharing.

Kate G. said...

Loving seeing more pictures of your place Carm. :)

Justin said...

Looks like you had an "F-in" good time decorating your bathroom.