Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Rocky Mountain High!

So... again I have been bad at updating the blog. I have so much to blog about too, so I guess the only reason for not blogging is laziness. But I am getting over that and making a strong effort to bring you exciting and riveting stories of my personal adventures at least twice a week...starting today.

Last night we got in from a very long, but very welcomed retreat to Red River, New Mexico with the fam. IT WAS AWESOME, partly because of all the cool adventures and great time with family, but mostly because of the relief from the 110 degree heat here in Austin...ug. I will let the pictures do most of the talking. Enjoy.

We will start with the drive down and Lizzie's first big road trip.

She loved the water and all the rivers. We couldn't keep her out of them!

Here is Ava Grace and Lilly Mae taking pictures in front of the "fake bear".

Here is the crew before and during our rafting trip.

The view from Greenie Peak! We took the Jeeps up the bumpy roads all the way to the top. Even Lizzie made it.

Here we are on the way to Goose Lake. It was freezing and their was snow on the ground at the top.

More pictures from the top.

Check back later this week. I am posting pics of the master bedroom and the guest bedroom...and on "Show Us Where You Live Friday," I will have pics of the house from the outside.

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Anonymous said...

Man, Lizzie's big. Time for her to visit.