Wednesday, May 6, 2009

We've Been Discovered

It's official. Our blog has been discovered. I googled searched my name on the Internet to see if a specific story was posted where I was quoted, but I came across this! Anne Schroeder is a political blogger in D.C. She did a short story on Jason and I when we were engaged. Apparently she stumbled upon our blog back in February (how did I not see this sooner?). For those of you "outside the beltway" this means nothing, but to those of you in know this is cool.

To clear the air, Jason knowingly ran 14 miles, and I want to write a book about MY experience in D.C. And by the lack of comments...we are boring as well.

The couple who blogs together stays together?

Back in January of last year we wrote about a cute CapHill couple both working for Rep. John Carter, who got married: Jason and Carmen Fenton.

And now, they share a blog: "The Fenton Spot: The story of a young, married couple leaving behind the excitement of national politics for life in a small town ..."

She hates it when he leaves and has to stay home alone. He unknowingly ran 14 miles the other day, and she wants to write a book about his experiences in D.C. Etc., etc.

By Anne Schroeder Mullins 02:00 PM
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Neal Carlton said...

I'll comment, y'all aren't boring! Keep posting and I want more Lizzie videos. I thought y'all knew there was a deal in Politico about the blog...When I saw Gretchen a couple months ago she mentioned it so that's how I found out. Anyway, your blog pops up on my google reader from time to time so it's good to read up on happenings in the homeland.

Kate G. said...

Carmen-- that is awesome! You've hit the big time...