Monday, August 10, 2009

O Canada!

So husband is on his way to Canada for a week-long business trip, which means Lizzie and I will have to protect our house from murderers and robbers. I don't really hate it when he leaves town...I just hate the part when he is on a plane. Once he lands, I feel much better.

Anyways, on to other things. We had a great weekend. My parents and grandparents were in town. Friday night we returned home from work to find an amazing meal all cooked and ready to eat. It was so nice to NOT have to cook or eat a hamburger. Thanks Mom and Granny! Later we played a Terry family tradition...dominoes. That night it was Mexican Train. Now, you must understand that my family is EXTREMELY competitve...especially my Granny. For one of their wedding anniversaries, my Pa bought my Granny an air-hockey table, because that was her favorite game. She is good...really good. And she doesn't let you win, she beats you. She doesn't even let my two-year-old cousin win. She's hard core. You must also understand that Mexican Train is a very LONG game, so finishing is a feat all in itself. So imagine my excitement when I not only made it to the end, but also WON the game...putting my poor precious grandmother to shame. Did I mention she is competitive?

Granny, Mom and I spent hours in Hobby Lobby on Saturday, before heading to Lowe's to look at our new countertops. I got three new plates to hang on the wall in our dining room. I have been looking for some type of decorative thing to put on the wall in the dining area since we moved in, and these three plates seemed to do the trick. The goal is to get them hung tonight, however...that could be tricky without the husband. If I do succeed, I will be sure to post those pics.

That night we met our friends Scott and Amy at the Oasis for dinner. If you've never been to the Oasis you are truly missing out. The food is OK, but the view...well it is awesome! My parents and grandparents had never been, so we made sure to eat on the patio right at sunset. This pic isn't the greatest, but it gives you some sort of idea.

Sunday was all about church and Cracker Barrel, before they got on the road.

Husband and I were able to spend a few hours hanging out before he jetted off early this morning. I went from having a house full to being home alone...again...for a WEEK! Hurry home husband and hurry back family!

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chrisandtif said...

Our family is crazy about Mexican Train too! Stay busy without the husband this week!