Monday, August 31, 2009

Completely Obsessed...

So I am completely obsessed with this bedroom decor. I am thinking for my second guest room...someday, or if I have a teenage daughter, although by that time it will be out of style. It is so charming and girly, yet sophisticated. I love it, love it, love it.

I already have a bench that could be recovered to look similar to this and a desk that needs to be painted. I love the bright white furniture with the deep linens. So after the kitchen...maybe I can talk my husband into some version of this, refurbishing the linens and furniture we already have of course. Thoughts honey?

Oh and yes pics of the fabulous kitchen remodel are coming...eventually. I just can't bring myself to post any pics until I have the final product.

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Kate G. said...

Oh you could totally do this!! The only item specific thing is the headboard. Everything else would be easy to find or refurbish.

While I love it, my husband would NEVER let me decorate our room like that. If it's not a striped duvet, it's deemed girly. I'm doomed.