Friday, January 16, 2009

Oh Yeah...the Book Contest

So for all my faithful readers out there, you may recall a certain challenge Jason and I had based on a certain assumption he made about my choice of reading material. I hadn't forgot about it. I just didn't want to rub it in.

Like most of you predicted, I won the contest pretty handily. And I didn't just do it because I read more or am more dedicated. No, I won because I had a good strategy. See, husband thought he could outsmart wife by reading one ginormous book and wiping out her pretty substantial lead. Husband didn't think about the fact that the book was borrowed or the fact that he was moving 1600 miles away.

My strategy was simple. I knew it was probable that husband would finish the book before the December 31st deadline (he is afterall a genious), but it was pretty much impossible that husband would finish the book before moving day. So what did I do? I gave it back to the owner the night before we moved. Done and done. Not only did I keep my husband from being one of those guys who borrow your books, Cd's, and movies (Neal...I still have your Hotel Rwanda) and never ever return them, but I also chalked up a nice victory and proved that just because you read a few nonsense books here and there, doesn't mean you don't appreciate the occasional educational read.

Fenton Victory Talley

Wife 1

Husband 0

Bring on the next challenge! (as long as it doesn't involve running)

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Kate G. said...

Goooooo Carmen! Your strategies are great.

P.S. Post more-- I love them!