Friday, January 9, 2009

I'm Addicted to Television

Now that football season is over (tear), you may wonder what I will be doing with all my free T.V. time. Well fear no more my worried readers...January is the perfect time to feed my T.V. addiction.

Originally, I was going to make giving up most non-educational T.V. my New Year's resolution, but once I saw the previews for everything new and old starting up again in January, I said, "I've changed towns, states, jobs, houses...even my wardrobe has changed. I need to keep something consistent in my life." So this year I will not be giving up any of my sacred television shows (or celebrity blog sites...but that is another story). In fact, I may take up a few new ones.

So here is the list...starting with Monday, my favorite T.V. Day. I really don't think it is too excessive:

Mon: The Bachelor, Gossip Girl, The City (aka...spinoff of favorite, The Hills), Samantha Who, and NEW SHOW: True Beauty

Tues: House, American Idol (starts next week)

Wed: American Idol, The Real World: Brooklyn

Thurs: Survivor (starts Feb. 12), Grey's Anatomy, The Office

Fri: There are no good shows on Friday

Sat: And for that matter Saturday

Sunday: Meet the Press, Face the Nation, Extreme Home Makeover (as long as it isn't a 2 hour special), Desperate Housewives and Brothers and Sisters

Combine Fox News Austin every night at 9...and you have a pretty full schedule. Some may say that my brain will surely rot, especially noting the excessive amount of reality television. But for those nay sayers, it is important to note what shows I don't watch. ie: Private Practice, Ugly Betty, Law & Order, CSI, Fringe, etc. etc.

The key here is DVR, which I now have, so I can record all my shows and spread the T.V. time throughout the week (Friday and Saturday).

So what do you think? If we share a common show, I want to know your thoughts...and if you absolutely think I am missing out on a life-changing one, I could be convinced to add another to the lineup. But if you are a hater of anything MTV...keep it to yourself.


A.S.S. said...

We love DAMAGES on FX Wed nights! This is the 2nd season... finally! ;) Lemme know what ya think.

Kate G. said...

A)I'm not sure I'd call it life changing, but since Private Practice does now come on ater Grey's, why not? I like it.

B)Also, did I see Lost on your list? I can't remember. If it's not, it should be. Seriously.

C) House is being moved BACK to Monday nights.

D) Boston Legal. In it's final season, so it may be too late in the game, but I LOVE Boston Legal. Worth watching old season boxed sets.