Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Book Challenge

So JFent and I are having this little contest to see who could read the most pages (not necessarily books) before December 31st, 2008. The winner gets to pick where we go on our next big vaca...a prize I take very serious since my hubby's idea of vacationing is hiking to the top of a mountain and sleeping with the bears (not that I mind the occasionaly camping weekend). The rules are pretty serious too:

Rule 1: The spouse that has read the most pages by mindnight of December 31, 2008 wins.

Rule 2: If you have read 50% of a book at the deadline and finish the books by January 10, 2009, those pages count. If you have completed less than 50% by the deadline or do not finish the book by January 10, none of the pages count.

Rule 3: Winner chooses the destination of the next Fenton vaca.

Rule 4: All books must be acknowledged as "reasonable" by the spouse.

Rule 5: At least 50 % of the books counted towards the challenge must be non-fiction. If more than 50% are fiction, 20% of the pages are lost.

Rule 6: Three books read during the course of the competition will be chosen by the spouse.

This whole contest started because my husband thinks the cheesy girly books I read are total crap, which most of the time they are. But I say, so what if I want to fill my weekends with mindless wonderfulness. Afterall, I read and watch the news all day, every day at my job, so a little R&R for my brain is nice. Anyways, it's not like I don't read non-fiction books...i just don't enjoy them quite as much.

So the contest has been going on now for a couple of months and so far the book count is wife's 5 books (3 Fiction and 2 Non-Fiction..I would highly recommend the Mermaid Chair, and no, I haven't seen the lifetime movie.) to husband's 2 books (1 Fiction and 1 Non-Fiction). Clearly I have the lead right? Well I am bragging all week about my heavy lead, when the husband whips out this huge 1,000 page book that he has been reading called The Prize (Something to do with the oil boom). So he could totally whipe out my significant lead with the reading of this one book.

Damn it husband.

If I lose, I will never hear the end of it, not to mention I will be spending my hard-earned vacation in a tent with a bunch of bears.


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Kate G. said...

This is so funny! I read it to Tyler and he said, "I would never do that..." You should add a rule that each spouse has to read at least one book on marriage...

Welcome to the blog world, friend! Can't wait to keep reading and have a new way to keep in touch with y'all after you move. :(