Thursday, October 8, 2009


So, um,'s been a while since we've posted. Like a whole month. I blame the wife :)

Since then we've both been east of the Mississippi for at least a week, Lizzie got sick and is better, and the countertops were finally installed and there's light at the end of the tunnel of this neverending project that I'm pretty sure is going to be on Renovation Realities next season. At least I have an excuse to buy more tools. Like this which will likely be purchased in the next couple days just because I feel like it. So, now that we're up to speed on the life of the Fentons, let's get on to the good stuff!

Yes, I realize it's probably not normal to call running "good stuff" but there are a few deranged folks out there. My running has gone well so far and I'm up to 12 mile long runs and around 30 miles per week. This week I'm dialing it back a notch to just 3 easy 5-6 milers because I've been completely drained of energy this week, so I'm going to let the body recharge. It coincides well with Gerry taking some time off, though his is due to injury, likely tendonitis. So, if you can throw out a couple prayers for his quick healing so he can get back on the road, I know he'd appreciate it.

The big news, though, is we're less than 2 weeks away from Carmen's big 5K in downtown Kyle. She's been trainig with some folks from a couple area churches and she's ready for her big debut race. I've been designated operator of the "Carmen Cam" so we'll have all kinds of pictures and video to post shortly after she's done. I really wish I'd had the camera on hand about a week ago when she went out for one of her training runs. I ran to the grocery store to grab dinner while she was running, only to leave the store and see a MASSIVE downpour in the area of our neighborhood. I got home quick to see she was still out running in the monsoon so I grabbed a couple towels and headed off in the car to find her, fully expecting to find an upset woman angry at the weather gods. I found her pretty quick, but there was no smoke coming from her ears. In fact, she had a grin from ear to ear in spite of the rain. Since I don't have a picture of Carmen on that rainy day, I found a picture that gets the idea across.

[I promise I checked with Carmen to make sure she thought this was funny before posting it...I'm not THAT bad a husband ;)]

I asked her if she wanted a ride back and she just grinned a little bigger and said "No...I'm having fun so I think I'll splash my way back home!" Glad she had a little fun and now her good attitude helps me push through on runs where the weather doesn't exactly make me feel like staying out on the roads!

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