Monday, February 2, 2009

Meet Lizzie!

Hey everyone...just a quick minute before I need to get back to work. The Fenton's welcomed a new edition into their home this weekend. An 8-week old baby black lab named Lizzie. She is so cute she makes me want to cry.

We weren't planning on getting a dog for at least a year, but on our way to Hobby Lobby we passed a little girl with a "puppy stand." I looked at Jason, and not stop. He drove past. Once we got on the main road, he couldn't take it anymore. He flipped the car around and went back to the "puppy stand." He knew that once he got me there and I started hugging on all the puppies...I would not be able to say no. He was right.


Kathryn said...

Soooo cute!! Congrats!

You know what comes after puppies, right?

Robin Roth said...

So cool! Congrats on the little one. Keep posting pics so we can see her grow =)