Tuesday, February 3, 2009

25 things...

I am totally ripping off your idea Kathryn. This survey took way too much time to not post it on the blog. This is a facebook "thing". 25 things people might not know about you.

1. I absolutely love pickly juice, hot pepper juice, banana pepper juice. Anything pickled. I drink it straight from the jar.

2. Debbie Gibson was my idol growing up...so much that I dressed up as her three years in a row for halloween. The third year, I spiced it up with an electric blue blazer. Remember "only in my dreams" girls?

3. I own three Debbie Gibson VHS concert videos, complete with the music videos from the "Out of the Blue" alubum as well as "Electric Youth."

4. I was the 2004 Texas Tech Homecoming Queen runnerup. My best friend and roommate Meredith Jumper was crowned queen. She still wears her crown when I come over to her house.

5. I once met Willy Nelson in the Longworth building at the Capitol.

6. Survivor is my favorite TV show. I printed off the application, but have yet to fill it out.

7. Linda Ronstadt's "I've Been Cheated" is my American Idol tryout song. I turn 27 in March, so I better get on the ball. Clearly I love reality television.

8. I hate the feel of cotton towels, especially when they are fresh out of the dryer.

9. I would rather clean the toilett than go to the grocery store.

10. I love love the seat warmers in my car.

11. I hate bears.

12. My first cousin is also my second cousin. It's true huh Amanda...and no, it is in no way insest.

13. When I was little, I wanted to be famous more than anything. I still want to be a country singer, but I think I missed the boat.

14. I love the smell of dust coming out of the air conditioner vents in my car.

15. My brother is a true-blue cowboy. Just like the movies.

16. I broke my arm in fifth grade while practicing a triple lutz on roller skates in my driveway.

17. My husband is the most randomly funny person in the whole world.

18. I love Mike Leach. True, he is super weird, but I love him anyways.

19. I have a horrible memory. So bad, that I carry around these notebooks everywhere I go and take notes on just about everything. I have a bookshelf full of them in my office.

20. I want to write a book about my experience in Washington, D.C.

21. I am really bad about charging my cell phone...I am working on that though.

22. The first rated R movie I saw was Pretty Woman. It was at Hayli Diggs' house and to this day I have not told my mother.

23. I love to read Texas Montly.

24. I always had a crush...from the time I was five until I got married. Here is a shoutout to the first one, Patrick Warminski and the last, Jason Fenton. I love you honey!

25. My husband, my dad, and my grandfather are the best men in the world. I hope to raise my sons up to be as amazing as they are.

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