Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Things haven't been crazy (well except for Christmas) and we've had plenty to blog about, but for some reason we have both been so uninspired. Ugh. I guess you could say we are in a Blump or a blog slump (and yes I invented that word). Christmas was great...we had so much fun. New Year's Eve engagement party for Emilie and Collin was awesome too...and then the Alamo Bowl (minus Mike Leach) was very entertaining. Jason has applied to law school, and we should here from at least one of the schools any day now. He is also training for his first marathon at the end of Feb.

So things are progressing in our life...we are doing fun things, taking fun pics, and traveling to fun places.

We just haven't talked much about it. I've been meaning to make some I guess I can start with our blog. I've tried this before and I failed miserably, but I will give it another shot. Afterall, I know you are just dying to read more about our exciting lives. In the meantime, here are a few pics I managed to post from a few of our exciting adventures. Christmas ones just yet.

Poppy and Wes' wedding

Emilie and Collin's NYE Engagement Party, and the rest are from the Alamo Bowl.

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Carrie said...

I enjoy reading yoru blog and think you should keep it up! Happy New Year! :)